Like the first week, second week at bootcamp was equally learning, hectic, fun and add a bonus of a long weekend. The learning journey continued as it was during the first week.

We learned about programming principles Value Object, Coding by Exception and Duck typing in Ruby. We learned that implementation is far from theory. Other leaning was team always wins over individuals. We learnt all this as part of programming exercises with some of the problems repeating from first week. However, we were expected to apply principles learned in past week and code from scratch and in a better way.

Waterfall vs Agile Model

While in the first week we were given User Stories which are easy to understand and code upon for our programming projects in second week we were tasked with requirements, which are vague in nature, to code upon as expected. Almost all of us fell for the trap laid, however two 30 minutes iterations and things started to become a bit clearer, and now almost all of us have an expected implementation for the same.

Reading Tasks

We were also given a reading task to read up on Kent Beck’s TDD by example.

Speaking Drills

We had a minute speaking drill on money, essentially to help us communicate our ideas clearer, and also understand money from various perspectives. Feedback was given by peers and coaches where they summarise what we expressed and how clearly did so.

I am looking forward to the exciting things the third week has to offer.