Take-aways from Eric Evans’ book Domain Driven Design of software, section and chapter wise.

Section 1

  1. The model and the heart of the design shape each other.
    The link between Model and implementation ensures that analysis that went into Modelling applies to the final product, making maintenance and continuous development easy.
  2. The model is the backbone of a language used by all team members.
    Developers speak model’s language, thus getting used to speaking like Domain users, and complementing in model refining.
  3. The model is distilled knowledge.
    A Model is the team’s agreed way of structuring knowledge, distinguishing elements of interest. It aids in…

It is an open source container-orchestration system for automating software application deployments, scaling and management.

Deployment Object: A deployment object is an application which is being deployed to be utilised as a service.

Ingress Object: An API object that primarily manages external access to Service from the cluster, typically HTTP. It can also do Load Balancing, SSL Termination and name-based virtual hosting.

Stateful Set: A workload API object used to manage stateful applications.

Node: A worker machine physical or virtual in cluster, managed by Master.

Pod: A k8s abstraction to represent a group of application containers and some shared resources…

Like the first week, second week at bootcamp was equally learning, hectic, fun and add a bonus of a long weekend. The learning journey continued as it was during the first week.

We learned about programming principles Value Object, Coding by Exception and Duck typing in Ruby. We learned that implementation is far from theory. Other leaning was team always wins over individuals. We learnt all this as part of programming exercises with some of the problems repeating from first week. …

Jigar Dave

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